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Stake Vidya and earn fees

Stake Vidya in the Generator and passively earn rewards and bonuses from activity across the entire decentralized ecosystem



Vidya coalesces for distribution among stakers keeping their tokens in the Generator contract for every interaction with the platform and its games. As volume and activity increase across the network, so do the rewards provided to those who stake their tokens within it.



Generate yield and bonuses from newly minted items from the merchant, peer-to-peer trades in the marketplace, play-to-win tournaments and in-game expenditures, liquidity fees from decentralized exchanges, and the usage of decentralized applications.

Be the


The Generator is subject to receive trade fees from Vidya's decentralized exchange pairs on a regular basis, bringing to you the rewards of the largest liquidity provider of the token along with programmed bonus multipliers based on the amount and duration of your stake.