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"No. I Think We're Just Getting Started."

At Vidya Games we believe in fostering and nurturing the development of the next-generation of crypto games

Vidya has multitudes of utility


Battle & win Vidya

Players can battle in paid tournaments with their Vidya against friends or find intense multiplayer battles in our lobbies. However you battle, don’t leave the A-game at home!

ever growing

Game library

Team3D hosts a large library of smart contracts for game developers, massively reducing the grunt-work needed to “go on-chain” and allowing them to concentrate on bringing engaging and memorable gaming experiences to the players.

“Most developers focus on simplicity and revenue. Our approach is to craft memorable and immersive experiences."

Daire Rezaie, Founder Team3D
browser based games

Play anywhere

Restricting access is not in the crypto DNA - all of our supported games will be browser-based, meaning anyone can play-to-earn, anywhere!

Loot with value

Cross-game loot

The TeamOS platform gives developers many tools to make it easy to implement cross-game loot within their games. Meaning you can take your favourite tunes, character skins, or even that must-have weapon from game to game!

    Polygon intergration

    Forget gas!

    With Polygon's second layer, gas fees are a thing of the past – allowing you to use Vidya to join tournaments and buy game loot without it costing a fortune!