Generator Staking: Ready For Lunch?

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  • Published on: Monday, 7th February 2022

    You Spoke, We Listened.

    Many from the community expressed their desire to be able to stake Vidya tokens without having to provide liquidity as they either do not have enough Ethereum in order to meet the 50/50 requirement, do not have the desire to sell any tokens in order to meet that requirement, or fear exposure to impermanent loss by adding liquidity.

    A Big Heart, With The Capacity For Many Wishes.

    The Generator was built to be flexible and can support the creation of Tellers for any token of our choosing, LP or otherwise, without impacting the reward mathematics, based on priority levels, vault holdings, and pool weight as determined by a user’s token count against the total within each Teller. For more information regarding this, be sure to read the whitepaper.

    Can Devs Do Something?

    We have performed our final round of Generator tests for single-sided staking of Vidya tokens as an option for those lacking the Ethereum to provide liquidity. Single-sided stakers are not obligated to provide liquidity to stake their tokens, though there will be attractive incentives to do so if they are able!

    What’s The Catch?

    Without the risk of impermanent loss, single-sided staking has much fewer inherent risks than liquidity provider staking, and as such, it will have longer minimum commitment durations and fewer rewards. The Vidya token staking commitment durations are as follows:

    As outlined by the table above, Vidya token staking features double the required durations for each commitment while retaining the same bonuses and early withdrawal penalties per tier.

    Dude, What Gives?

    We’ve included some additional information in the Generator’s interface depicting the total amount of Vidya tokens distributed to stakers across all Tellers and the projected amount of Vidya to be distributed per block per Teller. The rate for distribution of Vidya per block is calculated through vidyaRate/totalPriority*singlePriority. Keep in mind that vidyaRate is calculated by using the total amount of Vidya in the Vault and is subject to change with Vault balance. This projection allows for a rough estimation of earnings over time and potential profitability depending on active stakes, priority and Vault totals at the time.

    Figures are not reflective of those at launch.

    Muh 10,000%

    Following deployment of the Vault and Tellers, a substantial amount of Vidya will be deposited into the Vault as a reward pool for stakers. There will be a period of adjustment for Vault totals in order to ensure that rewards are attractive but do not pose a risk of generating a significant degree of sell pressure from newly earned tokens. The rest of the amassed Vidya will be added to a feeder contract with owner permissions allowing the transfer of held tokens directly to the Vault contract as needed.

    Wen Lunch?