Development Update Q3-Q4, 2021

  • Dev Update
  • Published on: Sunday, 26th December 2021

    Merry Christmas!

    We've prepared our customary development update outlining our most recent work for the Vidya platform and a reveal of some of the projects we've been working on behind the scenes! We've opted to use Certik as our go-to for all necessary future audits. This quarterly update will go over new videos, music, cosmetics, TeamOS features, the Space Station (Astronaut) project, the Merchant, Gachapon, Inventory V3 and a community-built platform that will be built onto the Vidya ecosystem.

    Vidya Contract

    AimBots v0.1.3

    AimBots Alpha Footage:

    AimBots Original Soundtrack:

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    Hats, Armour and Weapons:

    "Omae wa moe shindeiru", a quote you might find yourself joyfully exclaiming with our new samurai-style armour and weapon set before you *teleport behind* and fell your foes with great ease.

    Who doesn't love gas? You do use Ethereum, right? Right?!

    The Witch Doctor Mask was a cosmetic created as part of a Halloween 2021 NFT free-claim event.

    The EverLight mask celebrating the release of the AimBots OST and our work with the highly talented producer who made it happen will be released with a short claim period and minimal supply cap, making it a soon-to-be rarity in the cosmetic wardrobe. Check out his music and show your love here: AimBots Builder:

    The AimBots Builder is a map editor for community-made maps to be created using our assets and played within the AimBots base game. Novel experiences made possible by custom tailored experiences, game modes and unique objectives have historically bred longevity in many of the best titles — we'd like to bring that to AimBots.

    A community game needs community content!

    TeamOS | Design

    • Removed side panels

    • Moved application icons to the left

    • Added taskbar shortcuts for open applications

    • Created and added themed iconography for: Applications Chat Radio Vidya Links Settings Token Information

    Typing "CMD" on TeamOS opens the command-line executable, which allows for access to applications and additional secrets hidden in the website that could clue you in to our future plans and development.

    TeamOS | Generator

    • Vault and Teller contracts — Complete

    • Public documentation first draft — Complete

    • Public documentation final draft — Complete Read here:

    • Hacken audit — Complete (Check the Audits category on Discord)

    • Certik audit — In progress

    • Public testing — In progress

    Generator Ropsten Public Test Guide:

    The Ropsten Vault contract address:

    The Ropsten Teller contract address:

    The Ropsten Vidya contract address:

    You can collect Ropsten ETH via any faucet; we recommend this one:

    Warning: a faucet will never ask for your private key or seed phrase. This information is not to be shared under any circumstances. Be diligent and seek out reputable sources. To purchase Ropsten Vidya, launch the Uniswap app while connected to Ropsten and paste the Ropsten Vidya contract address provided above in the output token field. You must use rETH to purchase. Make sure you keep enough rETH and rVidya to provide liquidity on the Uniswap pair, as you will require these tokens to stake in the Generator. Ensure you are connected to the Ropsten network before completing the steps below.

    When connected to Ropsten, Uniswap will function as normal. Be sure that it says "Ropsten" on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

    To provide Uniswap liquidity and receive LP tokens, there are two options:

    Option A. You can open the Generator and ETH Teller while connected to Ropsten on the website while holding no LP tokens, after which a pop-up notification providing a link to the pair's pool on Uniswap will appear.

    Option B. Follow this link to find the rVIDYA-rETH pair pool:

    After arriving at the pool page, input the desired amount you would like to provide as liquidity into the available fields. You may then click the provide liquidity button and receive LP tokens proportional to the liquidity provided.

    Now that you have LP tokens for the rETH-rVidya pair, you're ready to stake! Refer to the User Interface section of the user manual to walk you through the necessary steps and provide any further information required in understanding the Generator. We may make some aesthetic changes during this process and look forward to your feedback.

    If you require any assistance feel free to contact the team via Discord or Telegram and make sure to read the documentation:

    TeamOS | Radio

    • Winamp reskin — Complete

    • TeamOS integration — Complete

    In order to access the TeamOS music player go to Start Menu>Radio on For now you can listen to the AimBots OST here, with the playlist being updated as we release soundtracks for more of our games.

    TeamOS | Merchant

    • Contract rework — Complete

    • UI rework In progress

    • Inventory v3 integration — In progress

    • Certik audit — Due

    The Merchant is the go-to for all your Vidya NFT needs: supplying in-game cosmetic items, new NFT drops, crafting materials and care items. It has three pricing mechanisms to cater to the unique and situational requirements of various kinds of NFTs, from care and utility items to cosmetics and collectibles, the merchant has you and the Vidya marketplace covered!

    The Merchant application is currently undergoing extensive testing of the base contract and its integrations with Inventory V3, Gachapon and Space Station (Astronaut) contracts.

    Static: Used to provide a fixed exchange rate for items that require a constant and predictable price. Supply/Demand: Used primarily for bulk goods that increase in price when the merchant has less of it and decrease in price when it has more. Compound: Used to increase base price by a percentage for every purchase. The increase of price deters future buys and gives the potential for increased value on the open market for early buyers.

    TeamOS | Inventory v2.0 (ERC721)

    • Inventory UI slots increase as capacity is met

    TeamOS | Inventory v3.0 (ERC1155)

    • Contract — Complete

    • Certik audit — Due

    TeamOS | Gachapon

    • Contract — Complete

    • Art — Complete

    • Animation — Complete

    • Certik audit — Due

    The Gachapon works in much the same way as the traditional game. Claim a unique NFT in exchange for a small amount of Vidya tokens, supporting the ecosystem for the chance to win a rare item at a great discount when compared to the Merchant or open market based on a rarity table with built-in drop rates.

    TeamOS | Space Station & Astronaut

    • Contract — Complete

    • Dark Matter ERC20 mint/level table — Complete

    • Merchant & Inventory v3 integration In progress

    • Art — In progress

    We were asked about our plans for the Astronaut project and Dark Matter, so we'd like to divulge that information here. The Astronaut is an NFT without a maximum minting capacity and a price floor that rises with each mint, compounding in price as users mint them. The Astronaut can be leveled a maximum of 100 times, gaining levels as it meets its daily requirement of care items in order to sustain its capped daily minting rate of Dark Matter ERC20 tokens. Dark Matter NFTs can be used to temporarily boost the ERC20 minting rate of your Astronaut, while the Dark Matter ERC20 can be staked in the Generator for rewards in Vidya tokens, used as a secondary currency for NFT purchases, sacrificed as a crafting requirement for NFTs created in the Fabricator, or sold on decentralized exchanges.

    Secret project #1: The Vidya Tarot

    • Art — Complete

    • UI — In progress

    • Contract — In progress

    • Certik audit Due

    The Vidya Tarot is a decentralized application that utilizes NFT card sets and random number generation for gamified virtual divination. As described by the prophet of the third temple, Terry Davis, a direct line to commune with God can be established through the invocation of randomness. Now you can collect NFTs, play games, win Vidya and read your fortune at the same time.

    May those with the best fortune win!

    Secret project #2: Triad3D

    • Contract — Complete

    • Art — In progress

    • Inventory v3 integration — In progress

    • Certik audit — Due

    The small monster sprite sheet for Triad3D, a blockchain-based PvP card game inspired by the Triple Triad game initially popularized by the Final Fantasy series, is complete. We still have medium and large monsters to go! Animations for future projects and games on the Vidya platform and card-hover will follow base-monster tier set completion. The game is fully on-chain and will be a welcome addition to the roster of turn-based card games we've been working hard to roll out.

    Secret project #3: Economy Games

    • Art — In progress

    • UI — In progress

    • Contracts — In progress

    • Certik audit Due

    Economy Games is a partner project to the Vidya platform focused on popular traditional games and applications with a crypto twist. Fantasy Crypto is a lot like Fantasy Sports games, except you pick your favourite cryptocurrencies instead of your favourite athletes! Can you guess what the others do?

    Christmas in Vidyaland | Presents and Tidings

    You're probably wondering what's inside the box. Actually, so are we.

    The free-claim window closes on Monday Dec 27, 2021 22:00:00 GMT. You can claim your present by connecting to web3 on TeamOS and clicking the present icon that appears on the desktop. Each present has a 50:50 chance to drop either an Elf Hat or Candy Cane Scarf cosmetic NFT and will unwrap itself to reveal which one you received after the deadline to claim is reached.

    Several core community members came together to prepare a document sharing their personal crypto stories, how they first discovered Vidya and their wishes for the team to have a merry Christmas as a surprise gift. This was heart-warming, to say the least, and encourages us to continue making you proud as we enter a new year of development and collaboration with the generous spirits we've been lucky enough to have met along the way. We're very grateful to be part of a community that has always taken the time to help wherever they can. Whether it's showing the way to newcomers, advising the team, joining in on development, creating art (memes included), or keeping the banter alive, you have all contributed a great deal to the project as it is today. You have become the cornerstone of our ever-growing drive always to give our all and never find ourselves lacking in our guiding principles of delivering the highest quality work we can muster, without ever cutting corners, and ensuring to the best of our ability that everything built on the platform keeps Vidyans feeling safe and confident by making the investment in security audits for anything we deliver. What a great thing it is to have a collective goal that we can all put our minds, bodies and a piece of our souls into, ultimately reflecting the influence of each and every one of us in an achievement that will live on for the years to come.

    Thank you.


    This concludes the developer update for Q3-Q4, 2021.